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A Heartfelt Effort: ‘For Men To Talk’ at the Small Awards 2024

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This week, the Small Awards 2024 celebrated the remarkable contributions of small businesses across the UK. While ‘For Men To Talk,’ a pioneering men’s peer support company, did not clinch the prestigious Heart Of Gold award, the event marked a significant milestone for its founder, Luke Newman, and his mission-driven team.

Despite not winning, the event proved to be a fertile ground for networking and potential collaborations. Luke Newman engaged in meaningful discussions with other small business owners, exploring avenues for future partnerships and funding opportunities. Such interactions are invaluable, often leading to innovative collaborations that amplify the impact of community-focused initiatives.

Launched in 2017, the Small Awards target the diverse and vibrant small business sector, recognising enterprises that might otherwise be overlooked. With 5.8 million small businesses in the UK, the awards aim to shine a spotlight on those contributing significantly to their communities, despite their size or geographic location. The Heart Of Gold award, in particular, honours businesses that go above and beyond, fostering local community spirit and support.

‘For Men To Talk’ embodies the essence of the Heart Of Gold award. This peer support group offers men suffering from mental health challenges—such as anxiety, depression, and grief—a safe space to share their experiences. The group facilitates various types of meetings, including physical, virtual, walking, and fishing sessions, catering to different needs and preferences. Recently, they expanded their reach with ‘For Men To Talk about Autism,’ a program tailored for autistic men, those with autistic family members, or individuals awaiting an autism diagnosis.

The Small Awards recognise the importance of such initiatives. ‘For Men To Talk’ is not just a support group; it’s a lifeline for many men navigating the complexities of mental health. By providing a platform where men can speak openly about their struggles without judgment, the organisation is making a profound difference in individual lives and the broader community.

The recognition at the Small Awards, even without a win, underscores the vital role ‘For Men To Talk’ plays. The event’s acknowledgment serves as a reminder of the powerful impact small businesses can have, especially those dedicated to social good.

As ‘For Men To Talk’ looks to the future, the connections made and the visibility gained from the Small Awards will undoubtedly bolster their mission. Luke Newman’s dedication and the group’s unwavering commitment to mental health support exemplify the very spirit of the Heart Of Gold award. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and the positive changes they will bring to their community and beyond.