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Our Founder in Kenya – 2015

1 June 2015

Our first day at St.Trizah’s School was simply amazing. It started with a superb flight with Kenyan Airways. I feel extremely guilty on feeling apprehensive about the flight beforehand. How dare I. The flight attendants, conditions and food was outstanding. Why did I think that it would be any different? Was it slightly racist? I don’t know, but top marks to the airline.

After a four drive to Nakuru, lunch and shower. We arrived at the school in time for the last few hours of the school day. We received a lovely welcome by the teachers, remembering my name from last year. This shows the love that they have for us.

I was eager to see the children, would they all be there, any I recognise and would any recognise me? Then as I walked through the playground, James, a young boy I befriended last year, ran through the crowd of children and jumped straight into my arms, where I swung him round. “Luke, I didn’t think that you’d remember me”, said James. Of coarse I would remember him, he had grown slightly from last year, but still had that gleaming smile.

I walked to all the classrooms saying “Jambo” to the pupils, each hand and arm being held by three or four children each, we then headed to the nursery, all children being under the age of 5. All of them ran out of their lessons and sprinted towards us, arms open wide and threw themselves onto me, nearly knocking me off my feet. It was beautiful.

A stunning little girl called Eva, who sat on my lap on the welcoming day last year, was there. As she is so young she couldn’t remember me, but it was great to see her looking so well. After a game of football and Hokey Cokey, we left the nursery to go back to the main school.

This year I feel different, perhaps more confident in myself. I decided to talk more freely to the students and ask questions. So I asked Elizabeth, Felicity and others their dreams and aspirations in life. It’s nice to hear them and what they wish their future to be.

So the very short day at the school was over, but it was so good to be back and see everyone again. I look forward to seeing the new school site and what has been built since last year after the weekend.