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Our Founder in Kenya – 2018

21 May 2018

Great first day at Mama Kerry’s School. The children gave us a fantastic celebration full of dancing and singing. After a full guided tour by Pastor William, we looked at the jobs in hand for us over the next couple of weeks, which we have already started!

We will be building a new kitchen. With the water supply, which is coming tomorrow, we will be digging trenches. We will be building a classroom extension and then a guttering system with new water tank! The children are simply incredible and are so happy and grateful that we are there to help.

People ask me why I go to Kenya every year. Well, it’s to try and build a better future for children like Damien, who is 4 months old and suffering from a chest infection, but continues to smile. It’s to give them a better chance to have a decent education, clean water and food.