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Our Founder in Kenya – 2016

29 May 2016

We arrived at Nairobi airport after our flight from Birmingham, via Amsterdam, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Whilst waiting for our suitcases to be packed on our coaches, we played football with a tennis ball and threw a frisbee. This was a great way to break the ice and bond as a new group. Whilst travelling through the city of Nairobi, everything seemed similar to my previous two visits, the city was full of pollution, vehicles driving erratically and many, many people walking. What was nice to see was people dressed going to church. Religion is huge in Kenya and every boy/man is dressed in a suit and all girls/women look dazzling in dresses. No matter how people are dressed during the rest of the week, maybe ripped and dirty clothes, on a Sunday most are clean and tidy and ready to prayer, celebrate and be thankful for what their God has given them.

From my original trip in 2014 to today, the sight of rubbish and dirt in the streets doesn’t shock me anymore. Is this me getting used to it? Is it a good thing or bad thing that it doesn’t shock me? Surely it’s a bad thing, NOBODY should live in these conditions. I suppose it’s because I’ve nearly spent a month over here in total.

Heading out of the city, we travel to Rift Valley to the sight of beautiful sceneries. It’s hard to believe that in between pollution and poverty is this land of beauty. It’s hard to describe how stunning this sight is. Yes Kenya has some sites that nobody should see and live in, but this truly amazing country has some of the best views in the world too.

As we arrive into Nakuru, I can see the improvement that the city has done, with newly built buildings and pathways. People are looking to do something to make work for themselves. To make a better life for them. It’s a great thing to see first hand.

As we settle in Kivu, our resort, I am looking forward to seeing the new site of St.Trizah’s School tomorrow and its official opening. Two years of hard work and planning, I believe it will be emotional.