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An open letter to our new Prime Minister regarding men’s mental health support

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Dear Sir Keir Starmer, 

As the leader of our new government and the country’s new Prime Minister, I would like for you to prioritise and innovate the field of mental health support, particularly for men. 

My name is Luke Newman, the founder and director of ‘For Men To Talk’, men’s peer support. We offer physical, virtual, walking and fishing meetings.

Here are several actionable steps the government can take to support men’s mental health and peer support groups:

Policy and Funding

1. Increase funding for mental health services:

  • Allocate specific funding to develop and sustain mental health programs tailored for men.
  • Provide grants and financial support to existing peer support groups and organisations focusing on men’s mental health.

2. Implement comprehensive mental health policies:

  • Develop policies that specifically address the unique mental health challenges faced by men, including stigma, societal expectations, and access to care.

Awareness and Education

3. Public awareness campaigns:

  • Launch national campaigns to reduce the stigma around men’s mental health, encouraging men to seek help and participate in peer support groups.
  • Use media, social media, and public service announcements to promote mental health literacy.

4. Education in schools and workplaces:

  • Integrate mental health education into school curriculums, with a focus on young boys and adolescents to encourage healthy emotional development.
  • Implement workplace training programs to help employees recognise signs of mental health issues and create supportive environments.

Accessibility and innovation

5. Enhance Accessibility to Mental Health Services:

  • Increase the number of mental health clinics and services, particularly in underserved areas.

6. Develop and support Digital Platforms:

  • Invest in digital platforms and mobile apps that offer mental health resources, virtual support groups, and peer counselling services.

Community and Peer Support

7. Support Community-Based Initiatives:

  • Fund and promote community centres and local organisations that offer peer support groups and mental health workshops.
  • Encourage the development of community-led support networks where men can share experiences and support each other.

8. Training for peer support facilitators:

  • Provide training programs for individuals who lead peer support groups, ensuring they have the necessary skills to facilitate effective and supportive sessions.

Research and Evaluation

9. Fund research on men’s mental health:

  • Invest in research to understand the specific mental health needs of men, including the effectiveness of peer support groups.
  • Use research findings to continually improve mental health services and policies.

10. Monitor and evaluate programs:

  • Implement systems to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of mental health initiatives and peer support groups, ensuring that funding is used effectively and programs are achieving desired outcomes.

Collaboration and advocacy

11. Collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGO) and community organisations:

  • Partner with non-governmental organisations and community groups that specialise in men’s mental health to leverage their expertise and reach.

12. Advocate for mental health in legislation:

  • Champion mental health issues in legislative bodies to ensure sustained focus and resource allocation for mental health initiatives.

By adopting these strategies, your new government can make significant strides in supporting men’s mental health and enhancing the effectiveness and reach of peer support groups. This holistic approach will help create a more supportive environment where men feel empowered to seek help and support each other.

Thank you in advance,

Luke Newman, ‘For Men To Talk’

T:07709 446480, E: W: