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Our Founder in Kenya – 2015

4 June 2015

Due to the poor weather in Nakuru today, my planned task of cooking lunch was replaced by giving clothes, shoes and underwear to the children of St.Trizah’s School that have all been donated by you. Although this is a happy time because the children get new items, it’s upsetting to see that they are desperate for them. Back at home we all spend hours looking for that one piece of clothing for a night out. Here in Nakuru, they will take ANYTHING that will fit them, no matter what it looks like or what colour. They are over the moon with what they got. It’s their Christmas Day.

After lunch, we headed back to the new site of St.Trizah’s School to continue constructing the new classroom and kitchen. Myself, father and and brother cut and placed corrugated iron cladding on one wall of the classroom and then unfortunately the heavens opened and the torrential rain ended our day.