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Our Founder in Kenya – 2015

2 & 3 June 2015

For the last two days I have been to the new site of the St.Trizah’s School. It is really making progress. We now have four completed classrooms, with another currently being constructed. A kitchen is also in development.

I helped build the trusses of the new classroom roof and build the interior walls in the kitchen. People who know me, know that I’m an office worker, I’m not a DIY man, carpenter or builder, but I am thoroughly enjoying this manual labour of mixing concrete, hammering nails and building walls.

Our trips to the site involves a lot of travelling through the slums of Nakuru, driving through them we can see the poverty that the families have to deal with like bad sewage, rubbish etc. However they are also the happiest families you can meet, always greeting us with a smile, wave and “how are you?” You all know that I brought approximately 200 teddies with me, well these are the children that I give them too. Seeing their faces gleam when they catch and cuddle them is precious moments that I will always treasure.

One of the heartbreaking things I see everyday is driving over a river and seeing people washing themselves, their clothes, retrieve drinking water and washing their motorbikes all in the same area. This river is dirty and full of rubbish. It’s harrowing to think of the illnesses that people can get from this water. It’s not fair that they have to settle for this.

Tomorrow I will visit the current St.Trizah’s School, I will prepare the lunches after going to the market to collect the ingredients. I’m looking forward to doing this as I never had the opportunity to do it last year. I’m also looking forward to seeing the children. My selfie stick is at the ready!